Meet Karen 
Wellness Girl

Karen Shoshana


I am a functional nutrition & integrative health coach. I work with individuals struggling with resistant weight loss and other chronic health conditions to help restore you to well-being. But what does that really mean?

Simply put, functional nutrition means food plays a critical role in your journey to health down to a cellular level. My mission is to guide you to improve your nutrition through informed food choices [not dieting!] as it relates to your unique physiology.  We are examining what you are eating, as well as exploring to what extent your body is digesting, and ultimately absorbing those foods.  By utilizing a holistic approach, I examine other essential factors including lifestyle, environmental stresses and genetics to get to the root cause of your health challenges. I liken myself to a wellness curator. My method is step-by-step–listening keenly, educating, guiding, and holding a safe, non-judgmental space to go deep into all aspects of your health and life. 

My knowledge, insights and passion give me a sixth “nutritional” sense that will help you navigate your own, unique health evolution. Our bodies are amazing machines and crave balance. Given the right fuel and attention, you will reap and relish the rewards.

To your whole health,


“I look at
health issues
through a

A freshly cut avocado.

“Food and physiology.
Body and mind.
For me, it finally
all came together.”

Bunch of beets


As a first-generation American raised by Holocaust survivors, there was one thing I always knew–I wanted to help others. And while practicing law was not the answer, it wasn’t until later in life that I figured out the “how.”

Food. Throughout my life, food had always played a critical role. My mom was an avid cook & baker and didn’t take kindly to my childhood declaration that there be, “no more butter in this house!” And though growing up I took a break from my healthy script [& still do!], by the end of college I found myself once again craving a simpler style of eating. 

I soon discovered the Macrobiotic Diet. For the first time, I experienced a direct connection between food and healing. My sleep improved, my skin cleared, my weight balanced out and I had more energy than I could manage. I supported my growing interest in food and wellness by researching and experimenting with diets and cleanses, all in pursuit of flavor-rich foods and the desire to feel amazing in my responsive body.

Then my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It was a sad and humbling experience, and I needed a way to cope. I found the answer in the form of meditation. Learning how to breathe, be present, and be grateful was more than inspiring–it was everything. I needed to know more. I wanted to learn. The match was lit.

I began my studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and learned from a variety of health experts, including Drs. Mark Hyman, Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, Walter Willett, Marion Nestle and Geneen Roth.  I continued my training in functional nutrition with the Holistic Nutrition Lab, as I wanted to understand the science of what was going on in there, how food impacts each of us differently and how genetics play an important role.  

Facing and managing my own health issues, which included anxiety, IBS and SIBO [small intestinal bacterial overgrowth], has expanded my tool box, knowledge and identity as one who has been there and overcome.

And truth be told, I continue learning, every day, as the science of nutrition unfolds at the same pace. Food and physiology. Body and mind. For me, it finally all came together. Now, I’d like to help do the same for you.


The Wellness Girl approach is simple. Food and life balance have the power to heal. And together, you and I will create that harmony.

I’ll ask the right questions.
You’ll give comprehensive answers.

I’ll guide you to make small changes based on your goals.
be honest about what you are willing, and not willing, to do.

I’ll honor your individual body, and your individual needs.
You’ll listen to your body’s signs and symptoms.

I’ll review labs and consult with your medical team, as needed.
You’ll understand that food alone, while instrumental, is not the only consideration in true healing.

I’ll meet with you in person, by phone or on Skype.
You’ll be prepared to take control of your health.

This is a joint journey. If you decide to take it, the road we travel together will yield the results you desire. And the tools you adopt will accompany you for the rest of your precious life.

“The integrity
of your digestive
system is
paramount to

An herb stem with whorled leaves.