Cleanse FAQ’s

1.  Is this a juice or smoothie fast? If not, what do I eat?

No! This Cleanse isn’t about starving your body, fasting, juicing, eating strange food combinations, or taking lots of supplements. It’s not a fast at all, and while juices and smoothies are encouraged, the recipes I provide are delicious, filling and ones that you’ll want to put into regular rotation after you complete the cleanse.

This is primarily a plant-based Cleanse. Animal proteins are allowed for Phase 1 of the program. 

2.  What if I can’t join on the Cleanse start date?

The Cleanse materials are designed to be implemented at Any Time. You don’t have to start with the group, but you will benefit by joining and getting the community and my support in the private FB group. Once you purchase, you can do this Cleanse throughout the year and at any time.

3.  What’s included in the Cleanse?

The Cleanse includes a guidebook, recipes, a daily protocol, instructions for post cleanse & beyond, and other materials to boost your knowledge and tool kit. 

Plus participation and support in a private FB community, AND live [but recorded if you can’t attend] tele seminars. BONUS – a complimentary 1/2 hour session with me.

4.  Do you provide food or supplements?

While I don’t provide food or supplements, I do provide recipes, a 7-day suggested menu and product recommendations.  Several supplements are encouraged but not required and you may already be using them.

5.  What if I want a longer Cleanse?

The beauty of this Cleanse is that it’s flexible. It comprises 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 is the preparation phase, eliminating particular foods and readying the body for Phase 2.
  • Phase 2 is the essence and foundation of the program, and
  • Phase 3 is transitioning you back to your life.

If you’re interested in modifying any of the phases, no problem. Let me know if you’d like support with that.

6.  What happens after the 7 days?

At the end of the 7 days, you will implement Phase 3, which is simply transitioning you back into the reality of your life and reintroducing foods you removed during the Cleanse.

This is when you learn which foods are friends & which are foes. This is a critically important part of the process. Jumping back into your pre-Cleanse ways can undo your efforts made during the Cleanse.

7.  Is this Cleanse for everyone?

This Cleanse is NOT for those who don’t want to remove inflammatory foods from their food protocol for the duration of the Cleanse.  Some of those inflammatory foods include sugar, soy, and gluten.

This Cleanse is NOT for those who don’t feel comfortable preparing meals for themselves or following the protocol.  Some people don’t have the time to cook.  The challenge is finding prepared food that follows the framework of what’s allowed.  Most prepared food contains ingredients, additives and other unknowns that mean you won’t get the most out of this cleanse experience.  And while using the recipes provided isn’t essential, following the ‘What to Eat’ and ‘What Not to Eat’ Guide is… 

8.  What is the difference between a cleanse and a detox?

A cleanse provides your body with a baseline for optimal functioning & as importantly, gives your gut an opportunity to reset and rebalance. We’re taking out the substances that slow you down, make you sick, cause gas and bloating and headaches, make you retain unnecessary weight and leave you feeling tired and foggy.

A detox is a more intense removal of toxins with the support of targeted supplements and herbs. During this cleanse, you may experience some detox symptoms if you are used to a SAD [standard American diet] way of eating. Typical symptoms include headaches, irritability and the like.  

Your liver is the central hub of detoxification. Your participation in this cleanse will support those pathways and you will learn how to care for this critical organ going forward.

9.  How can I be most successful on this Cleanse?

— Read the materials I provide you in advance of the weekend so that if you’d like to purchase any items from Amazon, for example, there will be time to receive them.
— Being prepared is the key to success on this Cleanse. Review & plan your menu for the 7 days, and prepare several recipes on the Sunday prior to the start that will cover several days.
— The cleanse is not only about what foods to eat or eliminate. I encourage you to set aside time each day/night to implement the nutrient-filled [non-food] activities that are essential to a healthy body & happy life.
— We’re not expecting perfection. We’re aiming for optimal excellence. Do the best that You can do! Learn from what I teach you, and  knit into your life what works and makes sense for you.

10.  I participated in your last Cleanse. Any benefits for me?

YES! So glad you asked. If you’ve purchased a Cleanse from me in the past, please email me for a specially discounted offering. I appreciate your trust in me and want to reward you with fringe benefits.