Remember what it feels like to just feel good? 
If not, you will soon.

Chasing symptoms, appointments, and doctors is the WORST.
So is “feeling crappy” as your status quo, day after day, month after month.
And you’re done with it. You’re ready to make a change.

If you’ve been: 

Waking up groggy, or feeling exhausted by noon…

As stressed as you are tired, so you’re too depleted to function
but too wired to sleep…

Doing all the right things — eating healthy, working out, taking supplements — but still dragging through the day in a useless brain fog…

Looking in the mirror and seeing…well, ugh….

Visiting doctors who don’t know what to do with you…

…This is exactly where you need to be. I’m here to help you

“Karen’s expertise around nutrition and physical health taught me to be very mindful of how food choices impact mood, energy levels, digestion and pain… for starters! [She] helped me breakdown the overwhelm into manageable parts and offer life-changing input along the way, with her knowledge of current thinking and best practices being particularly invaluable. And she walks the talk, so you get a professional expert, life coach, fellow journey-woman and inspirational role model all in one.”
– Susan, Writer and Television Producer

I’m Karen Shoshana, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. That’s a long way of saying “Health Detective.” I go “Law and Order” on your health issues, using lab testing, in-depth health history, and intuitive coaching to get to the root of your specific health struggles. In essence, I look in places the doctors don’t (and won’t). Is it your hormones? Environmental stressors? Food sensitivities? Genetics? All of it? We’ll find out. And fix it. 

How do I know we can fix it? Because I’ve done it for others with your exact symptoms. And, I’ll let you in on a little secret that you might not guess if you met me today:

I wasn’t always the picture of good health.
In fact, I was my very first client.

There was a time when chronic stress, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and digestive issues took me down every day. (Sound familiar?) And yet, all the doctors I went to said, “Well, your hormones are normal. Don’t know what to tell you.” One of them said “Everything looks fine, but let’s try this,” and gave me a hormone cream that, in short, made me crazy. 

I knew it was time to try some alternatives. I’d already started exploring the powerful mind-body connection during an event in my life that changed everything: my mother’s illness.



Learning how to breathe, be present, and be grateful transformed my life. It helped me accept, on a deep level, what I couldn’t change. This pivotal moment was my gateway to lifestyle medicine. When my mother passed, and I had to work through my anxiety and depression, it all came together. I realized that healing through food and lifestyle change had been at the center of my journey for years. I dove into healing myself, with an eye to also healing others. 

This was my personal solution, and my new calling. 

I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, followed by the Holistic Nutrition Lab and got certified in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. Add to that advanced study with the Institute for Functional Medicine, covering the gastrointestinal system and hormones. Through all this study, I discovered my most important tool: LAB TESTING. 


Here’s what I learned about what was going on in my own body:


Everything I was feeling was real. It had a name, it had a cause. They were real-life health issues, which I discovered, I could heal with food.

Food is medicine. Food heals. 


Food, and lifestyle changes. Finally, there was a tangible solution for my ailments. I incorporated meditation, meals that balanced my hormones and blood sugar, supplements that healed my gut, and antimicrobials that got rid of parasites and other bad bugs. It was a process. And eventually, it worked. I was sleeping through the night. Waking up with energy. Feeling how I used to feel in my 20s, but in my late 40s. Yes, feeling good can happen later in life!

Wherever you are in life, however crappy you’ve been feeling, and whatever the doctors have said…. I can help you feel good again. Maybe it’s my Holocaust-survivor DNA: I’m drawn to people who are suffering. I love to help them. If that’s you, and you’re afraid to be labeled “a complainer,” you can drop that fear with me. I’ve got you. 

Ready to do away with feeling sick all the time? Is it time to feel good again?

Let’s work together. 
You can explore my services here, or — if that’s too overwhelming — simply hop on a complimentary consult call with me. I’ll figure out what you need.


To bringing you back,

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