What does Functional Diagnostic Nutrition mean?

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition is a method of exploring the root causes of a health imbalance.  The term ‘functional’ is referring to the optimal functioning of your hormone, immune, digestive, detox, energy and neurotransmitter systems. Diagnostic means that we are using lab testing to find healing opportunities within those systems. Nutrition, of course, is an essential key in the puzzle to optimal health.

What is functional nutrition? What is integrative health?

Functional nutrition derives from the functional medicine model. Functional medicine addresses the underlying cause of disease and considers all systems of the body together instead of considering only an isolated set of symptoms or the traditional disease-centered focus. Functional medicine utilizes a patient-centered approach and considers a patient’s history as well as genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. Western (or conventional) medicine is employed as necessary. Functional nutrition recognizes that food impacts the body down to a cellular level and thus, plays a role in both preventing disease and contributing to its development.  Similarly, a sensitivity to a food (or foods), the malabsorption of nutrients, or the inability to digest optimally, etc., are all points to consider when evaluating for a root cause.  At its core, functional nutrition is where food and physiology meet.  

Integrative health also considers genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors to assess a client’s health profile. Relationships, career, exercise, mindfulness and life satisfaction are considered and round out the integrative half of Wellness Girl.

What is your food philosophy?

My Philosophy with Ingredients is as follows:

  • Yes to organic whenever possible.  If you’re new to this concept. start slow by following the EWG’s list of most to least contaminated, avoiding those higher on the list. (See here for the list)
  • Eat foods as close to their original packaging as possible. Conversely, reduce your intake of highly processed foods.
  • Avoid any products containing antibiotics, hormones, steroids, pesticides, or any other toxic component.
  • When purchasing meat, dairy and egg products, strive for pasture-raised.
  • The majority of recipes on this site are gluten-free. If a recipe calls for oats and you have a gluten sensitivity, please make sure you purchase gluten-free oats.
  • Reduce your intake of products containing GMO’s [genetically modified organisms].
  • Shopping local includes seasonal farmer’s markets. In the off season, consider joining an organic produce delivery service which may be more cost effective and economical than your nearby supermarket.
  • Substitutions can be made. If you’re not sure, please ask.

How many sessions are ideal to accomplish my goals?

It depends on what your goals are, how long you’ve been feeling unwell, and how committed you are to implementing my recommendations. Getting healthy isn’t a straight line. I once heard someone say that for every year you’ve been sick that is equivalent to one month of being on the healing train.  A minimum of 4 sessions is recommended. A more complex health history will warrant additional sessions.

Who created the recipes on your site?

I have created several of the recipes, and others have either been collected or adapted from various sources, e.g. blogs, cookbooks, articles, etc.  I will continue to add to the wellness girl collection as I find ones that are simple, flavorful and contain primarily whole food ingredients. 

Will you consult with others on my health team?

With your consent and as necessary, I will consult with any other health care providers committed to your care.

I have complicated medical issues. Can you help me?

As I subscribe to the functional medicine model, together we will seek to discover the root cause of your symptoms and piece together a plan to address them.  The Wellness Girl Intake Form is extensive and essential to this process.  If your presentation is beyond my scope, I will assist in finding the most appropriate practitioner for you.

I have more questions that weren’t answered here.

No problem. I’m available to answer them. Send me an email at getwell@wellnessgirl.net. Looking forward to hearing from you.
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