I’m often asked by clients and friends “Do I really need to cleanse?”

My response is simple. “No, of course not, but like anything tangible, if not taken care of, if not dusted, maintained, invested in, that thing begins to show wear and tear. That thing declines, loses vitality, resilience and the ability to do its job efficiently, productively, successfully.”

It’s easier to think about cleaning your dishes, the floors in your home, the clothes you wear every day, or servicing your car. These things are external to you and in your vision field, so you care about the dirt and grime in front of you. You rely on your car operating seamlessly so you maintain it. And if you operate a business? Successful business owners know that a regular review of its operations is paramount to its very survival.

Yet, few of us consider or give heed to the way our bodies are functioning. 

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