In my field, the number one question I get asked, aside from ‘What do you eat?’ is ‘Why can’t I [UGH] lose weight?’

As a nation and a culture, we should ‘get this’ by now. After all, we are surrounded with information from physician and nutrition experts to the government, media and a plethora of online sources. That well known mantra ~ ‘Eat a balanced diet, Exercise, Get rest, Reduce stress.’ That’s it. That’s the answer, right? If we do all those things, we should have an ideal body weight.

Well, no. Not necessarily. So how do we begin to tame the bucking bronco of weight loss resistance? We start by delving into possible reasons…

In this first of a 5-part series, I’ll take you on a journey to the Holy Grail of Resistant Weight Loss, and unearth the very annoying & humbling 5 Top Reasons that you or a loved one may be experiencing this frustration, this post being the first…

I would be hard-pressed to have this conversation without starting with the obvious,… food and the meaning of balanced diet.

While everyone’s needs are individualized and bioindividuality has become a universal primary food rule, the below initial entry will shed light on why you’re struggling with weight loss resistance. 
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